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Long Island Woman Ran Over Cousin Following Facebook Friend Denial

Melanie Spanopoulos, a twenty one year old Long Island, NY, woman is behind bars after she ran over her cousin following a Facebook friend request denial. Authorities report that Melanie ran down her cousin, Giselle Penagos, twice with a minivan following a Facebook family feud revolving around a man. Giselle suffered a broken pelvis after Melanie mowed her down before the Nassau Police Headquarters in Mineola, Long Island on Tuesday, January 25, 2010.

Officials report that after the attack, Giselle was unable to move but was rescued by an unidentified male Good Samaritan who pulled her out of traffic on Elmont Ave. The man then drove her to her father's house in Queens. Penagos later had emergency surgery at the Elmhurst Hospital to repair broken bones and injuries.

The attack followed a Sunday evening the cousins shared drinking and watching a Jets game at a bar. The women left the bar to return home via the Southern State Parkway and during the ride, the women realized they had a mutual interest in the same man and that the man had befriended Penagos on Facebook but denied Spanopoulos' friend request. Enraged, Spanopoulos exited the parkway and stopped on Elmont Avenue. Penagos stepped out of the van and refused to get back in. Spanopoulous and Penagos allegedly engaged in a physical altercation and then Spanopoulous got back into the vehicle and ran down her cousin twice.

Spanopoulous then ordered Penagos to "get the f**k in the car" but the victim was immobile because of her injuries. The unidentified Good Samaritan arrived on the scene and was allegedly offered $20 by Spanopoulous to drive Penagos to Queens. The man and Spanopoulous left the scene but within minutes the man returned and drove Penagos to her father's residence.

Spanopoulous pleaded not guilty to assault charges during an arraignment hearing within the District Court in Hempstead yesterday. Spanopoulous was released on a $10,000 bond.

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