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Lorenzen Wright Found Dead Near Memphis

Lorenzen Wright found dead near Memphis, Tennessee.  Eyewitness News sources from local media sources have confirmed that Wright's body was found near a forested area at Hacks Cross and Winchester Road on Wedneday, July 28, 2010. Wright went missing nearly 10 day before his death. Conflicting reports indicate that Wright's mother, Deborah Marion, contacted Collierville police on July 22, 2010 to report him missing while Wright's father, Herb Wright, insisted the NBA player was vacationing in Europe.

An unidentified caller reported Wright's body to 911 dispatchers who quickly sent Memphis police to investigate.  Initial reports indicate that Wright died as a result to self inflicted gun shot wounds.  Wright went missing nearly 10 day before his death. Many police officials and witnesses have gathered near the site where Wright's body was found, just 15 miles south of Memphis.  Roads have been blocked and helicopters are assisting officers in the search for evidence.

Lorenzen Wright was thirty four years old at the time of his death.


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