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Los Angeles Explosion Kills 1 at Welding Shop

A Los Angeles explosion kills one at a welding shop per reports from the Associated Press.  A natural gas explosion caused part of the building to collapse and expelled two workers through the air into the street.  One of the men has been listed in critical condition and one man has died as a result of the incident.   The explosion occured at approximately 6:15 a.m. Firefighters quickly responded to explosion.  One man was wedged beneath a car, another was tangled in a vehicle,  a third person may have been trapped in the building.  A fire erupted following the explosion that took 100 firefighters nearly 25 minutes to control the flames.

K-9 search teams have been called to the scene to search for remaining victims.  Fire spokesman Eric Scott stated that emergency response crews are "shoring up any portions of the building that may be unsecured, ensuring that the beams aren't going to fall further."


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