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Lou Reed, Legendary 50 Year Rocker, Dead

The legendary singer and songwriter Lou Reed, whose contributions as a song writer and guitarist spanned 50 years, has passed away in Long Island, NY, on October 27, 2013. Though no official cause of death has been determined, many have linked Reed's passing to a liver transplant in May 2013. He was seventy one and years of life as a hard partying musician had taken it's toll on his system. Of the surgery earlier this year and his failing health, his wife had offered to the Times of London: "It's as serious as it gets. He was dying. You don't get [a liver transplant] for fun."

Considered one of the most influential "pioneers of rock," Reed's work as a founder of The Velvet Underground, solo artist, and trailblazing revolutionary whose abilities significantly shaped the history of rock-n-roll are as unforgettable as his music. Legions of fans, peers, contemporaries and his family were incredibly saddened by his passing. Many social networks were flooded with the news of his death.

Without Lou Reed's efforts, modern punk, alternative, modern rock, and even metal would not exist.

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