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MacKenzie Phillips Family Secret, Yawn!

Oprah and I don't have a great history of getting along. Today's show where Mackenzie Phillips the mother of John Phillips the founder of the Mama's and Papa's plans to reveal huge family secrets.


I hate it when celebrities, and shows like Oprah hype this stuff to no end. The secret is probably that they have a bad case of hemorrhoids and who cares about that. Celebrities just love attention and will do anything to get it and keep it.

"Unless Mackenzie Phillips is going to peel off her face to reveal that she's an alien on Oprah Wednesday, I'm not sure that many of us care about the "explosive" family secret she's going to reveal after 31 years.
The former star of "One Day at a Time" has a book called "High on Arrival" hitting stores this week and will be Oprah's guest to talk about it.
The promo for the show - watch it below - makes it sound like Phillips, the daughter of Mamas and Papas founder John Phillips, is going to spill all kinds of good stuff.
Could it be about her struggles with drug use? Yawn.
Could it be about what it was like being the child of a celebrity? Bigger yawn. " ~ Source

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