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Madonna Seen With Lourdes in Malawi for New Adoption

Madonna has filed with officials to adopt a second child from Malawi. When a reporter caught she and daughter Lourdes out in the streets together, Madonna refused to comment on adoption plans. Madonna first adopted a Malawian child in 2006 and was advised that he would benefit from the chance to share his culture and experiences with another child.

Madonna has selected a two-year-old girl to adopt and her entire family is currently in Malawi to meet the girl. Malawian officials take the adoption process very seriously, and will likely make visits to all Madonna's homes, as they did when she first adopted. Though the Malawian adoption process typically takes 18 months to complete, it is speculated that if things progress smoothly, Madonna may be able to bring the girl home with her immediately.

Madonna's adoption plans fuel controversy because there are not policies for international adoptions. Plus it is feared that celebrity adoptions will worsen the problem of child abandonment in impoverished countries, where parents may increasingly drop their children off in orphanages, dreaming of a better life for them.

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