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Major Brands Shooting Themselves in the Foot

It's amazing how major brands allow themselves to fall from grace. Whether it's Microsoft releasing a consumer-unfriendly operating system, a company like Old Spice not paying its bills on time, or a company like Toyota having to suspend sales of 8 car models, there's just something about the lack of attention to detail by some brands that screams laziness.

Contrast that with Apple or Google. These are two brands that seem to ooze quality from every angle. Even when they have the occasional flop, it's forgivable and due to their ultra high standards of quality, we forget about the minor faux pas.

Ultimately, branding in today's society comes down to whether a company emphasizes and sustains a culture of quality. The modern citizen of the world is not easily deceived... especially now that we have options.

So here's to quality brands. And a big boo to the brands that get lazy.

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