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Man Arrested for Kidnapping Jeremy London

This sounds like a movie or TV show storyline… news broke earlier today that actor Jeremy London had been kidnapped and forced to do drugs at gunpoint last week.

The outrageous story was validated later in the day when reports that a man was arrested for kidnapping the Party of Five/7th Heaven actor came to light.

Brandon Adams was arrested for kidnapping Jeremy London on June 10; he pulled a gun on London and forced him to buy alcohol and take drugs while driving Adams and a friend around the city. London finally escaped after being held for 12 hours.

What makes this story even more remarkable? London is a recovering drug addict.

London’s rep says, "Thankfully, Jeremy London survived his terrorizing ordeal in Palm Springs last week - although understandably shaken and scared, he is currently working closely with law enforcement as they investigate the horrific turn of events."

Source: TV Crunch

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