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Man Bulldozes Home to Stop Bank

Terry Hoskins, like many people in the wake of the United States housing crisis, is facing foreclosure on his home. His foreclosure is unlike many others though. He has been fighting with RiverHills Bank regarding his Clermont County, Ohio, home for over ten years. The bank started foreclosure proceedings on Hoskins' $350,000 home recently and Hoskins decided to take matters into his own hands.

Hoskins responded to the banks' actions with "When I see I owe $160,000 on a home valued at $350,000, and someone decides they want to take it – no, I wasn't going to stand for that, so I took it down." The bank pursued Hoskins' residential and commercial properties in an attempt to repay funds because of the foreclosure on Hoskins' personal residence, despite the $170.000 offer the bank declined to settle Hoskins' loan.

Hoskins' bulldozed his house two weeks ago. All the bank is left with is "snow covered rubble" where a "sprawling country home" once stood. Hoskins' maintains his stance: "As far as what the bank is going to get, I plan on giving them back what was on this hill exactly [as] it was. I brought it out of the ground and I plan on putting it back in the ground." The bank intends to auction Hoskins' business, located in Amelia, Ohio, on March 2nd. Hoskins' threatened to bulldoze that building as well:
"Well, to probably make banks think twice before they try to take someone's home, and if they are going to take it wrongly, the end result will be them tearing their house down like I did mine," asserted Hoskins. Maybe Hoskins' actions are the secret to solving the housing crisis...

RiverHills Bank representatives had no comment.

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