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Man Fathers 6 of His Own Grandchildren

A fifty one year old New Jersey man fathered six of his own grandchildren with his five daughters and is now in police custody. Authorities have arrested Charles McGill, also known as "Aswad Ayinde," after the religious fanatic physically and sexually abused his children.

Police found the man in an abandoned funeral home in East Orange, New Jersey after he evaded arrest and child welfare investigators for years by constantly moving around the U.S. McGill allegedly homeschooled his children so his sickening abuse could not be reported by them. McGill also beat his children "with boards" and "kicked them with steel-toed boots" and despite many attempts of child welfare investigators to rescue the children, he raped five of his six daughters. McGill believed that "the world was going to end" and in order to "maintain [his] blessed bloodlines" he fathered six of his grandchildren/daughters. It was reported that three of his daughters had home birthed six children fathered by McGill. Two of the babies died and the remaining infants never were given birth certificates.

McGill was married to now ex-wife Beverly who feared for her own life and never once attempted to stop the horrific abuse her daughters suffered. Beverely managed to flee her husband and filed for divorce. Beverly intends to testify against McGill at McGill's five separate trials. McGill faces 27 felonies, including sexual assault, lewdness, child endangerment, and criminal sexual contact.

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