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Man Tosses Cash Onto Los Angeles Freeway

A mentally disturbed individual threw thousands of dollars onto the Los Angeles Freeway according to authorities. He wanted to kill himself and was throwing money out the window of his car. 10 or more people stopped their cars and ran onto the freeway to recover the loot.

money money money

"California authorities say a man caused a traffic jam when he threw money onto a Los Angeles-area freeway and people dashed into the lanes to grab the cash.
Highway Patrol Sgt. Kurt Stormes says the man tossed money from his car on Interstate 210 shortly before noon Sunday, the San Gabriel Valley Tribune reported. Stormes says about 10 people ran into traffic lanes to get it.

Police recovered about $1,000.

Police Lt. Steve Hunt says the 56-year-old man told officers he wanted to kill himself and was hospitalized for mental evaluation. His name wasn't released.

Authorities asked anyone who picked up the man's money to turn it in so it can be returned."


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