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Manhattanville College Student Marissa Pagli Found Dead in Staff Housing

Manhattanville College student Marissa Pagli, was found dead in staff housing. The college, located 27 miles northeast of Manhattan, in Purchase, New York, is a private liberal arts college. It has 3,000 enrolled students and is located in a suburban area. Manhattanville College had always been home to Marissa Pagli. Her father was employed as a maintenance worker. The eighteen year old volleyball player "grew up on our campus and many of our staff and faculty knew her long before she enrolled" stated President Molly Easo Smith.

Harrison Police Captain Anthony Marraccini leads the investigation which is being handled as a homicide. Marraccini said Pagli's death was a "family matter" and that authorities are "not actively seeking a suspect."

Pagli's mother was also involved in this incident. She was found unconscious and was hospitalized. Marracini would not indicate if Pagli's father's whereabouts were known.

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