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Marijuana Growing in Nyc's Union Square Park

Marijuana growing in NYC's Union Square Park has been uncovered by witnesses.  Photos and information emailed to Gothamist on June 15, 2010 depicted a very large marijuana plant surrounded by seedlings, tucked into a Union Square garden.  Gothamist sent Danny Danko, High Times Senior Cultivation Editor, to investigate.

Danko reported: "it absolutely is" marijuana.  Danko also furthered that the weed was growing in a public space, perhaps a result of protest from marijuana users or seeds tossed into the garden.  Danko and the Brooklyn Botanical Garden identified the plant as Cannabis Sativa though others suspect the plant could be a variety of "Spider Legs," Water Hemps, Cinquefoils, or Coral Plants.

The Parks Department offered "no comment" regarding the illegal pot garden.


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