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Mark Madoff Dead, Result of Suicide

Bernie Madoff's forty six year old son Mark, was found dead due to an apparent suicide on the second anniversary of his father's arrest. The timing of Mark's death was nearly to the precise hour and minute of Bernie's arrest.

Mark's wife, Stephanie, was in Florida when she lost contact with her husband following a series of troubling emails from her husband. Stephanie sent her father to SoHo apartment owned by Madoff's family where he found Mark dead, as a result of a hanging, early Saturday morning.

Mark's father-in-law found Mark and Stephanie's two year old son and their dog were sleeping nearby in another room. Mark was in the midst of a lawsuit filed by Irving Picard on behalf of his father's Ponzi scheme victims. Mark denied any wrongdoing in relation to the case but had worked with his younger brother Andrew Madoff for the Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC financial firm.

Mark leaves behind his wife, four children, his brother, and his parents whom he has been estranged from since his father's arrest. His mother Ruth allowed her lawyer to issue a statement of her "heartbreak" at the loss of her son. It is uncertain if Bernie is aware of his son's death as he is serving a 150 year sentence within a North Carolina prison.

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