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Martial Arts Near Scottsboro, AL

Scottsboro, Alabama is one of the most exciting places to live in Alabama. With close to 15,000 people, there is an energy to the town that you have to experience to believe. However, despite being one of the most exciting places in the Southeast, there has been no solid martial arts program to serve the Scottsboro community.

In January 2017, a new martial arts program is coming to Scottsboro. Featuring Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the program will also introduce aspects of Judo and wrestling.

Jon Haskew, part of the Shawn Hammonds Association, will be leading the martial arts program. He is an accomplished brown belt in BJJ, MMA trainer and former college wrestler. He has been training martial arts for over two decades.

When asked for a comment about the new martial arts program he is establishing in Scottsboro, Jon pointed out that over 150 people Liked the new Facebook page within its first week and enthusiasm keeps spreading. "The people of Scottsboro are hungry for the real deal when it comes to martial arts. With the success of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the UFC and other MMA promotions, this is the martial art that everyone wants to learn. And for good reason. In real world fighting and self-defense, nothing beats Jiu Jitsu."

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