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Martin Short’s Wife Nancy Dolman Dies

Martin Short's wife of 30 years, Nancy Dolman, died on Saturday morning, the reports. She was 58.
Short’s manager confirmed the news on Monday that Dolman passed away at the couple’s Pacific Palisades home in California.
"Sadly, we can confirm that Martin Short's wife did pass away," Short's rep Camille Kuznetz confirmed to CNN Monday. "We do not have any other comment to make."
At 8:30 on Saturday, the Los Angeles City Fire Department responded to an emergency call. The unit did not go to an area hospital, and it is believed that Dolman passed away at home.
In 2007, Dolman was diagnosed with cancer and underwent surgery during that time.
The cause of her death has not yet been made public.
Short and Dolman belongs from Canada, and have three children: Katherine Elizabeth, 27, Oliver Patrick, 24, and Henry, 20.
Short is best known for his comedic roles on 'Saturday Night Live' and in the 'Father of the Bride' franchise.
Dolman, who was a comedic actress, was most notable for her recurring role as Annie Selig Tate on the ABC cult sitcom 'Soap.'
She also appeared in her husband’s critically acclaimed 1985 cable television special 'Martin Short: Concert for the North Americas.'
She retired from showbiz in 1985 to raise her family.
Short and Dolman wed in 1980 after the pair met while working together in a 1972 production of 'Godspell.'

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