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Mary Louise Parker Teaches Pot Cupcakes Recipe!

If you are a fan of the popular TV series “Weeds”, then you must be familiar with Mary Louise Parker who plays the strict suburban mom who has become a pot dealer on the show. Mary Louise Parker plays the character of Nancy Botwin who is the ultimate Queen of the bottomless pit of darkness. Interestingly, the actress claims that playing the role is not much different from being herself!

Mary Louise Parker says that she can relate to her character on “Weeds” quite well and even identifies with her, minus the whole drug dealing part, Ofcourse. Mary Louise Parker admitted to that she has a dark side to her. Well, if Mary Louise Parker ever decides to go into the drug business, she surely has gained some hands on knowledge from “Weeds” for preparing delicious marijuana hot cakes and lollipops.

Mary Louise Parker has a daughter named Ash and son called William Atticus. It is also pleasing to see that the darker side has been well controlled by the saner one and Mary Louise Parker is actually a hard working actress who loves to work. One can hope that Mary Louise Parker will pass on her ideals to her kids and they will remain informed about the dangers of drugs.


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