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A Massive Inferno Consumes the Carlton Towers 3rd Floor in Bangalore, India on Tuesday.

A massive inferno consumed the third floor of the Carlton Towers in Bangalore, India on Tuesday. The Carlton Towers Carlton Towers is on Old Airport Road and is a commercial building in a highly populated business section of Banaglore. The Carlton Towers housed the IT and other offices.

Many people were hurt, several people were missing, and at least seven died as a result of the fire. Manipal Hospital stated that 7 people were dead due to suffocation, when rescuers arrived at the scene, with 2 more people missing and presumably dead. Sixty people have been injured by the flames.

Names of those who died in the fire are: Fayaz Pasha and Surabhi Joshi, Savita, Siddharth Padam, Bansi Kumar, Rajesh Subramanyam, and Purohit Mdan Singh.

Karnatka Home Minister VS Acharya told the press "It's unfortunate incident, some people jumped out and sustained injuries. There is still no details on the number of injured."

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