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Massive Rainstorms Wreak Havoc on Melbourne

Massive rainstorms wreak havoc on Melbourne, Australia causing power outages, train disruptions, and rained out sports events Saturday. This is the worst weather the Australia's second most populated city has seen in over 38 years. The Bureau of Meteorology predicts more rain to fall before the worst of the series of storm's damages can be determined. Michael Halfpenny, a Melbourne based forecaster said "There is likely to be more storms on and off through this afternoon and again they could be severe.” Halfpenny also reported that the weather on Friday was the worst to affet the city since February 1972.

The storms included tennis ball sized hail which smashed windows and damaged cars. Heavy rain caused severe flooding and cancelled travel plans for many. Train services were cancelled. Buildings were damaged. Nearly 37,000 individuals and businesses lost power through Melbourne's electric networks CitiPower and Powercor. These networks serve over 1 million customers.

Natash Duckett of the Victorian State Emergency Service reported that more than 3,200 calls were made by residents of Melbourne.

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