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Mel Gibson War With Oksana Grigorieva Worsens

Mel Gibson's war with Oksana Grigorieva worsens.  RadarOnline made pictures of Griogrieva's blackened eye following the horrific January 6, 2010 domestic incident.  Grigorieva alleges that the altercation between herself and Mel Gibson quickly escalated from a verbal incident to physical battery, and she has the proof.  Grigorieva claims that Gibson not only punched her twice, but also pushed her hard enough to bruise the couple's then newborn daughter, Lucia.  Grigorieva also claims that she left the house following the argument with Gibson in such haste to escort her children to safety, she left barefoot.

Grigorieva's 12 year old son Sasha was the only witness to the January 6, 2010 argument.  Grigorieva claims that the photograph of her black eye was taken the day following the argument.

Grigorieva claims to have not immediately reported the argument to the authorities or seek immediate medical treatment because she had "no one to care for the children."

For more or to see pictures: Sugarslam 

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