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Melinda Dennehy Bares All to Student

Melinda Dennehy, a forty one year old English teacher from Londonberry, New Hampshire, was arrested for indecent exposure, a felony, after baring her all to a student. The mother of two turned herself in to New Hampshire Police Friday after a fifteen year old male student at Londonberry High School received four nude pictures of Dennehy. The student then forwarded the pictures to all of his friends.

Police documents reveal that Dennehy's nude photos were sent over two months ago. Dennehy also had "continuously sent him [the student] text messages which included some texts that were sexually explicit. The student also claims to have "kissed his teacher twice on two separate occasions" within her classroom.

After investigators received copies of the photos, co-workers identified Dennehy to the authorities. Dennehy made bail after her arrest Friday, but was released under strict orders to stay away from anyone under the age of sixteen. It is unknown if other victims experienced similar situations with Dennehy. The Derry District Court will arraign Dennehy on April 30, 2010.

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