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Melinda Dennehy's Nude Photos, Pleads Guilty to "Sexting"

Melinda Dennehy's nude photos and pleads guilty to "sexting."  The forty one year old teacher from Londonberry High School was formally charged with indecent exposure for sending nude photos of herself to a 15 year old student.  Dennehy's coworkers identified her after the student shared the pictures with classmates and local New Hampshire authorities. 

Dennehy pleaded guilty to charges in a New Hampshire court on Tuseday, July 27, 2010.  Part of the plea bargain requires Dennehy have no further contact with the student and to stay away from high schools.  If Dennehy violates orders of the court, she faces a suspended jail sentence. 

The student has reported to police investigators that Dennehy sent 4 nude pictures of herself, "continuous" text messages, and alleges he kissed Dennehy within a classroom on two separate occasions. 

Dennehy, a former English teacher, apologised in court for her "poor judgment." Dennehy resigned from Londonderry High School in April, 2010.

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