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Melissa St. Vil Strangled by Former Boxing Trainer Roger Mayweather

Trainer Roger Mayweather, the uncle of champion boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., was arrested Sunday after allegedly attacking female boxer Melissa St. Vil.

Mayweather, 48, a former professional boxer , faces coercion and battery charges.

According to a Las Vegas police report, officers received a 911 call from a woman who came upon Mayweather with his arms wrapped around Melissa St. Vil.

St. Vil, who told police she once trained with Mayweather, said he showed up at an apartment she was living in with a roommate who rented the apartment from the trainer.

Police said Mayweather was upset that St. Vil was residing there.

The report also said Mayweather "wrapped his hands around her throat, causing her to nearly pass out."

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