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Mexico City Welcomes Same-Sex Honeymooners

The officials in Mexico City are looking forward to welcome gay and lesbian honeymooners as the government relaxes its laws about same-sex marriages in the United States of America. The gay honeymooners comprise a huge chunk of the tourism market and that is what the officials have set their on so that they can capitalize the earnings.

In order to woo same0sex couples into vacationing in Mexico, the Mexican Government awarded an all-expenses paid honeymoon to the first gay couple that recently got married under the Argentina Law. The Mexico City’s Tourism Secretary says that he is hoping for all the same-sex couples to spend their honeymoons in Mexico no matter where in the world they get married.

By opening a first of its kind office to facilitate the gay travelers, the tourist officials have surely taken a step in the right direction. The inauguration of the office is to prove that the city truly wants to become the number one tourist destination for same-sex couples.

The manner in which the city has adopted the idea f gay marriages and offering tourism services to facilitate the phenomenon is an important factor in shaping the cultural landscape of Mexico which has always held a Macho Culture since forever.

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