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Mexico Snags Gold Cup Win From USA

Ending a five year drought against an unexperienced US squad Mexico snagged a much beloved Gold Cup from the hands of the United States. Finally, a win against the Americans on U.S. soil for Mexico.
And, finally, the charmed run by the young hosts in the Gold Cup ended in a crushing defeat. While the youngster from the US had quite an amazing run. I'm certain there are plenty of Mexicanos celebrating as a result of this great finish. It was Mexico's first win in the United States since 1989. It all started to turn in the favor of the United States with a great penalty kick by Gerardo Torrado, at this moment 56 minutes in the US had stayed relatively composed including some amazing saves by goalie Troy Perkins. But after this the US game unglued and the game slid into the hands of Mexico's more experienced squad.

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