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Michael Jackson Homicide

Dr Conrad Murray is at the center of a homicide investigation after Michael Jackson's death has been ruled a homicide. No word on when he will be picked up and charged. So far he has cooperated with investigators.

"The Los Angeles County coroner says Michael Jackson's death was a homicide primarily caused by two drugs.In a statement released Friday, the coroner said the cause of death was acute intoxication from the anesthetic propofol. Other sedatives contributed to the death, most notably lorazepam (LOR-az-eh-pam).
The coroner did not release Jackson's full autopsy report, citing an ongoing security hold at the request of Los Angeles authorities.
Dr. Conrad Murray, the pop star's personal physician, told police he gave Jackson propofol the morning of June 25 after a series of sedatives failed to help Jackson sleep. Murray is the target of what police term a manslaughter investigation.
The 50-year-old Jackson died June 25 in Los Angeles." via Yahoo

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