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Michael Jackson's Funeral Live Online From the Staples Center

Tuesday, 7th July will witness a landmark in internet video and social media history, as much of the world comes together to pay their respects to the late Michael Jackson.

His tragic death came suddenly and shocked the world and has created mass interest across the globe. Now with online video and social media becoming a mainstream phenomenon the internet's ability to spread information, bring people together and aid communication has shined.

Already this has quickly become the hottest topic online. Looking at various statistics from Twitter and the Blogosphere the interest in Michael Jackson has even surpassed that of the interest seen for Obama becoming president.

This is already being dubbed as the biggest event in online video history, not to mention entertainment history. The sheer volume of searches even caused problems for Google.


Michael Jackson's funeral service will take place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.


The service will start at 10am P.S.T but expect plenty to be going on beforehand and into the night.


You can watch the funeral service online here (live video will be posted in time for the event). Smartphone and iPhone users should check out this post.

If you are at home just turn on the T.V and you'll be bombarded with coverage. If you are out and don't have online access then you should set your DVR to record a news channel.

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