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Michael Jackson’s Kids Start Going to School

Michael Jackson’s two elder children have begun attending school for the first time after years of being home schooled and tutored, says.

Prince Michael, 13, and Paris Jackson, 12, had their first day on Wednesday at an exclusive private school in Los Angeles whose former star students include Paris Hilton, former "Friends" actor Mathew Perry, and singer Natalie Cole, the site says.

Blanket, 8, Jackson’s youngest son, will continue to be home-schooled for the time being.

The King of Pop’s mother Katherine, who has custody of her three grand-children, said in a June interview that she planned to send the once-sheltered children to school this fall.

Jackson, who died suddenly in June 2009, had kept his children secluded from outsiders, often having them wear veils when out in public.

Fees for The Buckley School in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles range from $25,000 to $29,000 a year, according to the school's website.

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