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Michelle Obama Meets the Queen

On April 1, 2009 the Obamas were invited to the Queen's private rooms in Buckhingham Palace to meet with her and the Prince prior to the G-20 reception. The Europeans are enamored with Michelle for her style and down-to-earth attitude, so everyone was quite curious about how the meeting between these two women would go. Would Michelle curtsy? What would she wear? Would she maintain "Queen protocol"?

Michelle did curtsy when she was introduced to the Queen. But later at the reception, Michelle broke the protocol to "never touch the Queen" when she briefly placed her hand on the Queen's back during a conversation. It lasted only a few seconds, before the Queen (with a slightly surprised expression) pulled away.

Michelle chose a more conservative black and white outfit for their private meeting and did not wear her normal sleeveless attire. And despite the break of protocol at the reception, it seems Michelle made quite a good impression on the Queen. It has been reported that as they said goodbye the Queen asked Michelle to "keep in touch."

The mutual fascination is evident, as soon afterward President Obama called his girls to tell them about meeting the Queen. Apparently, Sasha and Malia had been excited for some time by the Queen and their dad's plans to see her. Surely, if the girls are like most tweens, they will also be thrilled to hear that their mother sat by J.K. Rowling during the reception meal.

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