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Microsoft Decides to Kill Soapbox, Its Youtube Rival

The Google-Microsoft War which has so far resulted in some great innovation on both the sides is also responsible for a few casualties; the latest being Microsoft's video sharing site Soapbox. Last month Microsoft had made an announcement that it isn't too optimistic about the prospects of its video sharing site, considering the fact that rival Youtube is far ahead in terms of pageviews, brand value and popularity.

Here's what Erik Jorgensen, corporate vice president and chief media and technology officer of MSN had told CNET.

"We definitely look at it and say we want Soapbox to stand for something and add to our overall video strategy. We haven't decided whether you just continue to support it or whether it is too expensive and out of our focus to do."

Today, Eric emailed several prominent press agencies that it has decided to shutdown soapbox and it will be no longer available after August 31, 2009.

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