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Mike Tyson on the View: "I'm Broke"

Mike Tyson was on The View today to talk about past drug addictions, being a heavyweight champion, his marriage and family life, and yes… pigeons.

Tyson also shared during The View interview that he's broke, telling the ladies on the couch: "I'm totally destitute and broke… I had a lot of fun. It just happened."

Mike Tyson will have an Animal Planet reality series airing next year that follows the former boxer as he raises and races pigeons. "I love all birds, but what I particularly like are roaming pigeons."

Tyson spoke briefly about raising his kids, saying: "What am I gonna tell my son when a bully picks on him? [I used to say] 'Stand up for yourself.' But now I say, 'Just walk away.' It's not even worth standing up."

Source: TV Crunch

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