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Monster Energy Drinks Linked to at Least 5 Deaths

Manufacturers of Monster Energy Drinks are under investigation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the link of their products and consumers who suffered adverse reactions including at least five deaths and one incidence of a nonfatal cardiac arrest. Most recent reports indicate that the 480 milligrams of caffeine within Monster Energy products caused "caffeine toxicity" to those who passed away following the consumption of the drinks.

The parents of fourteen year old Anais Fournier filed a wrongful death lawsuit last week on behalf of their daughter within a Maryland law firm following her death in December 2011. That December, Fournier's parents found their teen unconscious before her television and rushed her to the emergency room where medical professionals induced a coma to reduce brain swelling. Their attempts to revive the girl were futile and she passed away due to "cardiac arrhythmia due to caffeine toxicity" after having consumed two Monster drinks within a 24 hour period. The girl's parents maintain Monster products lacked adequate warnings regarding potential risks of consuming their drinks.

The teen's death followed a ban issued earlier during 2010 by state officials within Virginia following an increase of emergency visits following the use of Monster, Rockstar, and Red Bull products by high school athletes during games and practices.

The FDA has responded to the claim and other reports stretching as far back as 2004 with an official statement to the Associated Press offered by spokeswoman Shelly Burgess. Burgess offered: "As with any reports of a death or injury the agency receives, we take them very seriously and investigate diligently."

Monster executives and spokesperson representatives for the company maintain their products are "safe" as their stock plummets following the announcement of the FDA probe. In addition, the official Monster website advertises their energy drink is "a killer energy brew" and "the meanest energy supplement on the planet."

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