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Montreal Night Clubs Adopts “No Fat Girls” Policy

A recent post on the Facebook page of the Muzique Montreal Night Club gave way to a controversy about size discrimination. The sign that was posted on the webpage of the Montreal Night Club read “No fat Girls” which immediately started a round of discussions about how the club did not want any larger women in its domain.
The owners of the club are saying that they don’t know about the sign being posted under their jurisdiction; however, eye witnesses claim to have seen the offensive sign in the night club as well. What’s more, birthday party invites were distributed amongst the guests and the sign of “No Fat Girls” was stamped on the invites.
According to the spokesperson of the Musique Montreal Night Club, John Jay, the management of the club was not aware of the sign that offended overweight people and when the management finally found out about it, the event had already happened so nothing could be done. How can you not know what’s happening in your own night club, one is tempted to ask?
There are agreements on the fact that clubs are selective about the people they want on their dance floors and they will never tell you this on your face but looks do count. Ironically, the Musique Montreal Night Club management disagrees.

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