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A Mormon Bishop Shot Dead; Suspect Arrested

In a tragic accident, a Mormon Bishop was shot to death after his Sunday Church meeting in the afternoon in his office. According to the eye witnesses, a man named Kenneth James Ward entered the church, asked for the leader of the church and then after waiting for a little while walked into Bishop Clay Sannar’s office and shot him.

After shooting the Bishop to his death, Kenneth James Wade took off, ran a mile and then called the police. When the police arrived at the scene of the murder, the killer started shooting at the police. Thankfully, no police officer got injured in the process and the killer was arrested and identified as belonging to Modesto California.

Clay Sannar remained Bishop of the Church for only four months and has left behind 6 children and a weeping wife. His sixth baby boy was only born last week. The Bishop was a man of faith and serving the church near Fresno, California.

When Clay Sannar got shot in his office, the congregation in the church was left shocked and extremely saddened by the tragedy. The suspect has been arrested by the police but the motive for the murder of Bishop Clay Sannar remains unknown.

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