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Mosi Tatupu Passed Away in an Attleboro, Massachusetts, Hospital

Mosi Tatupu passed away in an Attleboro, Massachusetts, hospital for undisclosed reasons. Tatupu was 54.

The former running back and fan favorite played for various teams during his fourteen year career. ormer USC standout and longtime NFL running back Mosi Tatupu died at a hospital in Attleboro, Mass., on Tuesday. Tatupu played for the New England Patriots for the better part of his years in professional football. The Patriots chose Tatupu in the 8th ruond of the 1978 draft. Tatupu earned 1,277 yards with the Trojans and played for USC in the 1974 championship.

Tatupu had 18 touchdowns and rushed 2,415 yards during his football career. Tatupu's last season as a football player was for the Rams. He retired in 1991.

Tatupu was an American Samoa native. He was best known for his "special teams play." He leaves behind a son, Lofa Tatupu who also plays football. Lofa is a linebacker for the Seattle Seahawks.

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