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Mushroom Hunting Kills 18 People in 10 Days

According to the latest reports of la Repubblica, Italian newspaper, in the recent weeks at least 18 people have been left dead by mushroom hunting as the blessed Italian mushroom season started earlier. The newspaper claims that people have grown very reckless in their hunting mechanisms and that is the primary reason why they have lost their lives. Some people have been donning camouflages and hunting their favorite fungi in the darkness, in order to get to the more remote and coveted mushrooms.

According to a statement by Gino Comelli, who is the head of the Alpine Rescue Services in the Italy’s Northwest Valle di Fassa, the people have become very careless when it comes to hunting mushrooms and don’t follow the rules which has significantly increased the death toll of the hunters in the region.

The fact that 18 hunters have wounded up dead in a matter of 10 days only is a major cause for concern. The prime reason for the deaths of many was choosing the wrong footwear, clothing and hiking equipment as they fell down the steep Alpine slopes. Mushroom Hunting remains a popular past time not only for people in Italy but also continental Europe and the rich crops are always attracting hunters.

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