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Mystery of Global Animal Kill of Fish, Birds, and Crabs Deepens With Dove Deaths in Italy

The mystery of the cause of global animal deaths of fish, birds, and crabs deepens as thousands of doves fell from the sky over Faenza, Italy. This latest mass kill has scientists around the world puzzled as residence in the small Italian town were pummeled with falling doves late this week. Officials reported to the UK's Daily Mail: "We have no idea why this happened all of the sudden." Witnesses report the doves, with a blue band near their beaks, fell to the ground singly and then in groups of 10s and 20s with a death count mounting 8,000. The carcasses are being sent to laboratories to determine the cause of the dove deaths and scientists suspect hypoxia (lack of oxygen) or poisoning is to blame.

The dove kill follows reports of other mass animal kills from around the world. The kills include; 3,000 red winged black birds falling out of the sky over Beebe, Arkansas; two million dead fish washing upon shores in the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, area; 500 red winged blackbirds, brown headed cowbirds, grackles, and starlings falling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; thousands of dead fish along a Florida river channel in Spruce Creek; thousands of velvet "devil" crabs found dead on the Kent coastline near Thanet, hundreds of snapper fish dead in New Zealand; the death of 50 jackdaws in Falkoping, Sweden; masses of dead fish found in Paragnagua, Antonia, and Guaraguecaba Pontal do Parana in Brazil; and many American Coots' carcasses found dead near a bridge on a Texas highway in Big Cypress Creek.

Experts have launched investigations into the worldwide animal kills and are waiting for the results. Some blame colder weather for the mass kills, others blame the movement of the magnetic North pole for the animals' deaths. The pole shift changes on average of approximately 25 miles per year.

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