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Nadia Bloom Found Alive

Nadia Bloom has been found alive. The 11 year old girl living with Asperger's syndrome has been found after disappearing from her Orlando, Florida home on Friday. Authorities report that Nadia went missing Friday, April 9, 2010 after her father and sister left for a Brownie Troop sponsored camping trip to the Everglades.

After three trying days, the Winter Springs Police Department and search teams with canine assistance, found the adventurous little girl camping in her own back yard. Nadia was discovered with a treasured copy of a book called "Lanie" about a outdoorsy young girl. K-9 units have tracked the child's steps into the woods near Lake Jesup. Searcher James King from the Metro Faith Church found Nadia after a frantic search by many.

Nadia's family spokesperson confirmed Tuesday that after 5 days, Nadia was found alive and well. Nadia is reportedly "covered in mosquito bites," suffering from dehydration and exhaustion, and is in a local South Seminole Hospital being treated with IV fluids.

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