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Naomi Campbell to Testify in War Crimes Trial Against Charles Taylor

Naomi Campbell to testifiy against Liberian President Charles Taylor in a "Blood Diamond" case.  A war crimes court for Sierra Leone has ruled that the supermodel could be forced to testify against former Liberian President Charles Taylor.  Taylor is on trial for allegedly selling diamonds and buying firearms for Sierra Leone's Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels.  The RUF rebels used torture, like chopping off hands and legs of civilians, during a civil war from 1991-2001.  Taylor has pleaded not guilty to the 11 counts of crimes against humanity, including war crimes.

Taylor allegedly also gave Campbell a "blood diamond" in 1997 at a South African dinner hosted at Nelson Mandela's residence.  Taylor has been accused of using "blood diamonds" to fuel the insurgency in Sierra Leone at the price of human lives.

Mia Farrow, actress and former wife of Woody Allen, and Campbell's former agent, Carole White, may also be forced to testify for their involvement in the Special Court for Sierra Leone case.  Farrow admitted to ABC News in April, 2010, that she was in attendance of the Mandela dinner and heard from Campbell about the diamond the morning following a visit from Taylor's representatives during the night delivering the uncut diamond.

Mr Taylor is accused of selling diamonds and buying weapons for Sierra Leone's Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels, who were notorious for hacking off the hands and legs of civilians during the brutal 1991-2001 civil war.


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