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Nasa’s Administrator Sean O’keefe Aboard a Plane That Crashed in Alaska

As the number of deaths in the plane crash tragedy in Alaska remains undisclosed, a new discovery has made waves amongst the NASA populace. Sean O’Keefe was aboard the flight that crashed on Monday and his loved ones still don’t know whether he has survived the crash. The official reports confirm the presence of Sean O’Keefe, the previous NASA Chief, on the ill-fated plane that crashed yesterday.

Apart from Sean O’Keefe, the news that Senator Ted Stevens was also amongst the passengers on the plane that crashed has brought renewed grief to the general public. With so much uncertainty about the condition of the people who are at the site of the site of the plane wreck, everybody is praying for their loved ones to be safe.

The plane crash has come as a shock to the locals in Alaska and many rushed to help the victims. Access to the plane crash site is difficult because of tough topography and bad weather. Some rescue helicopters have reached the survivors and are catering to their immediate treatment needs.

Hope is still alive in the hearts of the public for the people onboard the plane that crashed and until the deaths are confirmed, they will be praying.

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