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Natalee Holloway's Remains Possibly Discovered

Natalee Holloway's remains may have possibly been discovered. A Pennsylvania couple in their 70's were snorkeling off the coast of Aruban in October 2009 when they discovered skeletal remains. John and Pattie Muldowney were snapping underwater photos of the abundant marine life and fish in the seas of the Netherlands Kingom of Aruba and enjoyed a nice Caribbean vacation. When the couple returned home and developed their film, they discovered in the backdrop of the ocean bed, what appeared to be a skeleton.

John Muldowney went to the press with his picture and described what he found as "A fish, the rocks and a body lying out there on its back while facing up is what’s visible in the picture.” Mr. Muldowney also maintained that the body may not be the missing body of 18 years old Natalee Holloway whose disappearance on May 30 has maintained media attention since 2005. Holloway was a devoted student, having recently graduated from Mountain Brook High School in Mountain Brook, Alabama with top honors. Holloway was college bound and determined. She was also a hard working and devoted daughter and friend. The last person to see Holloway alive was Joran van der Sloot and two of his friends. Van der Sloot confessed to disposing of Holloway's body on two separate occasions in different locations. Authorities have been investigating Holloway's disappearance with no real leads in the case until the FBI received the photograph in February 2010. The Philadelphia, Pennsylvania field office of the FBI and the Aruban police consider Mr. Muldowney's photograph a fresh lead in the Holloway case.

Radio Netherlands has published the claim that Holloway's body has been found on their website. The site maintains: "Disappeared US teenager Natalee Holloway was taken to an Aruba beach by Joran van der Sloot and sold there to a Venezuelan man who ‘wanted a blonde girl’, Mr Van der Sloot told Fox News TV. In an interview with the US news channel, he claimed he repeatedly met the man in a casino. The Venezuelan offered him 10,000 US dollars. Joran van der Sloot told how he watched Natalee, who was drunk, being hauled on board a vessel chartered by the Venezuelan. There was no struggle or anything, he said.”

Holloway's mother, Beth Twitty's very public heartbreak regarding her daughter's disappearance has earned international attention. Twitty will not confirm the claims.

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