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Natalie Portman’s Black Swan Trailer Debuts Online

 If you have not heard about Natalie Portman’s latest movie, the Black Swan, then you must have been living under a rock. Black Swan is debuting online with its first official trailer and Natalie Portman looks absolutely mesmerizing. Few would not know that the world of ballet has cutthroat competition but watching the trailer of Black Swan makes it look like a jungle with everyone to fend for them- in other words, scary as hell.

Black Swan has been directed by Darren Aronofsky and is a follow-up flick to “The Wrestler”. Black Swan showcases the acting skills of Natalie Portman as Nina and those of Mila Kunis as Lily. The two actresses perform the roles of two beautiful ballet dancers in fierce competition with each other. The story is weaved such that the play “Swan Lake” is supposed to be performed and the prima Ballerina played by Winona Ryder is to be replaced with either Natalie Portman or Mila Kunis. Natalie Portman delivers the performances in Swan Lake as if she’s an Ice Queen.

You should definitely watch the first official trailer of Black Swan to catch a glimpse of Natalie Portman. The movie is due to be released on the 1st of December 2010. It will also be played at Toronto and Venice Film Festivals.


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