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Natalie Portman's Directorial Debut "In a Tale of Love and Darkness" Film

Natalie Portman's big directorial debut for the film adaptation of "A Tale Of Love and Darkness." The film is in the late steps of the planning process but this time thirty two year old Portman going to be both behind and before the camera. She'll work double duty as director/producer and in a supporting role.

The film is based upon the best selling memoir by Israeli writer Amos Oz depicting his tumultuous childhood growing up in Jerusalem during the Israeli- Palestinian Conflict the British Mandate for Palestine was drawing a close. His mother, who suffered from severe depression, committed suicide when he was twelve. Losing her and other childhood recollections were the basis for much of the book. Oz assisted in formulating a screenplay for the film and confirmed filming will begin in January 2014 in a recent interview. He stated: "She [Portman] read A Tale of Love and Darkness and asked me for the rights to make a film adaptation around five or six years ago. I agreed because of my high esteem for her work. She's an excellent actor."

Portman has not confirmed her involvement in the film publicly. Yorum Honig, publicist for the film and executive for the Jerusalem Film Fund, issued a statement on Wednesday, July 29, 2013 confirming Portman will play Oz's mother (in addition to her role as the director) and will travel to Jerusalem mid-Fall to cast actors.

It is not certain if the film will be in English or Hebrew but it is certain to be good.

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