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New Electric Motorcycle Goes 100 Mph and Has 100 Mile Range

Electric motorcycles have been less than successful due to limited range and limited top speed.  Good enough for short commutes on surface roads, electric motorcycles haven't been a practical alternative for real world commuters.

Brammo has announced a new model, to debut in 2011, called the Empulse.  Offered in a three variations based on battery capacity, the top end Empulse 10.0 is said to have an average range of 100 miles between charges.  Even the entry level 6.0 will have an estimated range of 60 miles, and all Empulse models will have top speeds in excess of 100 mph.  All can be charged overnight using standard 110v power.

The Empulse range will be priced from $9,995 to $13,995, but federal and state tax credits for purchasing an electric vehicle should bring costs in line with internal combustion motorcycles.   

Source: RideLust

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