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New Moore Island Sunk Into Sea

New Moore Island has sunken into the sea. The island has been a highly disputed, hot topic between India and Bangladesh (called South Talpatti by Bangladesh) located in the Bay of Bengal. Both countries were embattled in an argument over natural gas or oil supplies beneath the island discovered in the 1970's after a cyclone and have fought over ownership since. New Delhi's Sreeradha Datta, a researcher at New Delhi's Institute for Defense Studies and Analyses, said in a recent interview that "All the fighting was over nothing. But we still want to use the middle line to deal with our maritime boundary, which is becoming a hot issue."

The island was threatened by the opposing military forces between India and Bangladesh in the early 1980's but the sea has apparently settled all disputes. Jadavpur University's School of Oceanic Studies' director Sugata Hazra announced this week that the island has been gone for "some time." It started shrinking in the 1990's and has only further eroded as the island is only 2 meters above sea level since. Climate change is suspected for the island's disappearance. A U.N. panel predicts that by the year 2050, 17% of Bangladesh will be consumed by the sea as levels rise as predicted by 3.3 feet. The event would displace over 20 million people.

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