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New Multicellular Species Live Without Oxygen

New multicellular species live without oxygen. Dr. Roberto Danovaro of Marche Polytechnic University in Ancona, Italy discovered three species of creatures similiar to shelled jellyfish. The newly discovered species have been named Loriciferans or lorica. The Lorica were found 2.2 miles under the Mediterranean Ocean, 124 miles from the coast of Crete.

Danovaro has lead a team of researchers who have scoured the sediment on the Mediterranean's floor on three separate expeditions in the past decade. The team found three types of millimeter long multicellular creatures living in the oxygen starved depths of the sea. Danovaro named one of the species Spinoloricus Cinzia, and has yet to name two others, presently identified as only Rugiloricus and Pliciloricus, The species were found alive but died en route to laboratories for further study. Fortunately Danovaro salvaged eggs from within the creaturers. He successfully hatched them in an oxygen starved incubator. Danovaro reported his findings in the journal BMC Biology and stated: "It is a real mystery how these creatures are able to live without oxygen because until now we thought only bacteria could do this." Scripps Institution Oceanographer Lisa Levin furthered that Danovaro's discovery of the lorica may help scientists prove alien life on oxygen less planets.

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