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New Orleans Domino's Pizza Man Victim of Bleach Attack

New Orleans Domino's pizza delivery man victim of bleach attack. Terrence "Baby Tee" Alexis was arrested on robbery and second degree battery charges Friday following an attack at the 8600 block of Palm Street in New Orleans, Louisiana. The unidentified Domino's employee was delivering a pizza to the location when Alexis dumped a cup of bleach into the delivery man's eyes as he waited at the door of the residence. Alexis then stole the pizza and yelled as the delivery man went to his vehicle "You know you're not supposed to be back here, white boy!" as the delivery man drove away.

One day later, police arrested the nineteen year old, four foot 11 inch tall, 309 pound Alexis at his parents' residence where he confessed to the crime. Court records indicate that Alexis has been previously arrested on aggravated assault and concealed weapon charges in July of last year. If convicted of all charges, Alexis could face a 12 year prison sentence.

The Domino delivery man's has been temporarily blinded since the incident. Medical officials believe his sight will return.

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