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New Use for Naltrexone Medication

Naltrexone (also known as Revia, Depade and Vivitrol) has been discovered to be an effective treatment for kleptomania and related obsessive compulsive behaviors. Naltrexone is commonly used to treat alcohol or opioid addictions, and is an aid in detoxification and reducing cravings. Often people experience nausea during the first few days of use, and a less common side effect is heightened liver enzymes.

A study of 25 kleptomaniacs taking naltrexone shows very positive results, The medication reduced cravings to steal, reduced obsessions and compulsions, reduced depression and anxiety, and improved overall functioning.

Additional uses of naltrexone are for diseases impacting the immune system, such as HIV multiple sclerosis and cancer. It also provides early morning erections for people with erectile dysfunction. There is also some evidence that the medication can help individuals stop smoking and reduce self-injurious behavior (like cutting).

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