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Nhtsa Investigates Ford for Pedal Entrapment

The NHTSA has launched an investigation into reports of pedal entrapment in Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan models.  The NHTSA has received several complaints and has verified three instances of pedal entrapment, which could lead to unintended acceleration.  No accidents have been reported to date because of pedal entrapment on Fusion or Milan models.

Per the NHTSA investigation, pedal entrapment only occurs when owners stack Ford's "all-season" floor mats on top of the existing carpeted floor mats.  Ford's all-season mats come with specific instructions on mounting, which includes removal of the carpeted floor mats.  Ultimately, owner error was responsible for all instances investigated by the NHTSA.

Should this evolve into a recall, owners will be able to have mats properly installed at any local Ford or Mercury dealership.

Source: RideLust

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