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Nick Schuyler, Sole Survivor of a Horrific Sea Fishing Accident

Nick Schuyler, sole survivor of a horrific sea fishing accident, guest starred on "Oprah" to discuss the ordeal and the memoir he penned a memoir of the event. Schuyler and three other healthy, althletic men were deep sea fishing 75 miles from the coast of Clearwater, Florida a year ago when their sail turned horrific. The foursome had the intent of spending a chilly morning relaxing and fishing when in his words: "it was time to head back to shore, the anchor wouldn’t budge. Instead of cutting it free, they tied the rope to the back of the boat and tried to yank it up by gunning the engine. The 21-foot boat lurched up, quickly took in water and flipped."

The tragedy left three of the men dead and Schuyler the sole survivor living with the painful memories of watching his friends die. In his book "Not Without Hope" Schulyer recalled the details as: "This is the way I remember it...f I get some things wrong, it is due to the frailties of memory and the horror of what I experienced, not any intention to amend or deceive. This is what I recall after being in the water for forty-three hours, frigid and aching and scared, so hungry and thirsty that I felt I was eating my teeth. This is the best I can do after having three friends die, two of them in my arms.”

Schuyler was compelled out of obligation and survivor's guilt to write the memoir. He stated he owed it to the friends he lost in the accident, as well as their families. Sports reporter Jere Longman contributed in this sad account of loss, hope, death, and life.

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